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Pannoramic Digital Slide Scanners

Thanks to its unprecedented capacity and unparraleled speed, Pannoramic 1000 offers automated, "walk away" slide scanning for a whole day's scanning needs.
Thanks to its award-winning scanning technology, Pannoramic 250 offers a versatile, high-quality and high-speed scanning solution to high-volume scanning tasks.
With its 150-slide capacity and brightfield and fluorescence scanning abilities, it can fulfil the needs of larger pathology laboratories.
An automatic digital slide scanner with a remarkable feature set with12-slide capacity, fluorescence scanning, and many more.
Pannoramic Desk II is an affordable slide scanner capable of scanning single and double width slides - a simple and easy-to-use tool for teleconsultation and frozen section scanning.
Affordable scanner solution for the small pathology laboratory. Can digitize 1 slide at once in brightfield.

Pannoramic Confocal

Thanks to its innovative confocal imaging technology, Pannoramic Confocal offers brightfield and fluorescence confocal scanning in unprecedented quality.

Tissue Microarrayers

The TMA Grand Master is the fastest, highest capacity and most user friendly tissue microarrayer on the market.
TMA Master II is the smallest fully automated tissue microarrayer at the market, it easily fits on any laboratory bench.
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