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Cell Culture Products

Embryo Observation System


  • Easy, intuitive operation of monitoring embryo development real time.

  • No environmental stress on embryos.

  • Graph plotting of embryo development and grading

  • GPS® Dish (SunIVF) is standardized

Direct Heat Type CO2 and Tri-Gas Incubator

SCA/SMA-30 Series

  • Personal Incubation:Secure, optimum environment for specimens.

  • Precise Temperature Control:Exceptionally stable and accurate.

  • Automatic Maintenance:Automatic CO2 sensor calibration.

  • Dependable:Various alarms guard specimens against any deviation from the user settings.

  • User Friendly:All the interior components can be removed without using any tools. Every corner inside the chamber is rounded for thorough and easier cleaning.

Water Jacket Type CO2 and Tri-Gas Incubator

AQ/AP Series

  • Optimum Environment:Distinguished temperature, gas concentration and humidity retaining with water-jacketed chamber.

  • User-Friendly:Automatic Setup Function for easy setup.

  • Cleanliness:Air filter (optional), shelves and all the other interior components can be installed or removed without any tools.

  • Precision:Automatic CO2 calibration (standard for Infra-Red CO2 sensor models) enables consistent and precise CO2 control. Automatic O2 calibration is available with the APM models.

Direct Heat Type CO2 and Tri-Gas Incubator

SCA/SMA-80/164 Series

  • Low-maintenance, highly reliable with direct heating structure.

  • Dry-Heat Sterilization is available with the DS/DRS models.

  • Automatic Setup Function is available with all the models, and Automatic CO2 Calibration is also available with the Infra-Red CO2 Sensor models.

  • The inner shelf doors come standard with the tri-gas (SMA) models.


Drawer Type Incubator AD-3100

  • Independent Temperature, CO2 and O2 sensors on each drawer, independent control.

  • Extremely stable in culture environment.

  • Each drawer is a separate, hand-held incubation chamber.

  • Independent alarm system on each drawer.

Dry Culture System

EZ Culture

  • Contamination Free

  • Individual Control

  • Advanced alerm system

Clean System

Integrated BioStation

Microscope Integrated Workstation, Japanese Patent Registered

  • High Level of Cleanliness

  • Flat Work Area

  • Color Monitor for Real-time Viewing

  • Ideal Design for Microscope Manipulation

  • Built-in Pass Box Available as Factory Option.

SMART Station

IVF Mobile CO2 Chamber SS-250

  • HEPA Filter

  • Individual Temperature Control

  • CO2 Concentration Control

  • Power Lift Function

  • Mobility

  • Easy maintenance

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