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3DHISTECH's state-of-the-art pathology workflow tracking, diagnostic and reporting application for SMALL, MID-SIZE and LARGE pathology laboratories!

Product description

Track and Sign is laboratory information management system for small, midsize and big pathology departments and research laboratories. It has been designed to keep track of any kind of workflow activity that is related to multiple type of samples, blocks, slides and special work orders. The tracking is barcode based. The database related system is fully customizable to any work environment and to any specimen processing method. no limitations on type and number of events recorded to each sample. Scanning of barcoded slides automatically initiates two way inter-server communication in the backgroud resulting in one-click digital slide access to each case. Beside detailed activity logging, the system includes special order processing (immuno, FISH, molecular etc.) form, a complex final reporting module, statistical reporting module, date query engine and teleconsultation arranger.

Technical description

The system includes a Windows based server machine with Microsoft SQL Server database service installed on it. The edition of Microsoft SQL Server delivered with the system is the Express version. If the customer has existing sever(s) Track and Sign can be connected to any other active MSSQL database server.
Case related attached file data is stored on the server’s file system.
Client applications run on Windows based (XP or newer) operational systems. Connection can be established through local area network or through the internet.


  • Handling of different specimen types (biopsy, cytology, autopsy, molecular etc.)

  • Automated specimen numbering method, supporting concurrent sample registration desks

  • Stand-alone patient database

  • Barcoded labelling on sample containers and on attached documens

  • Use of barcode scanners for fast and secure object identification

  • Easy integration of special slide printer and cassette printer devices

  • End-of-the-day reports for paper based archives

  • Unlimited number of statuses and events for detailed, sample based workflow tracking

  • Unlimited number of laboratories, workplaces and workgroups

  • Parameters such as  “who, when , where and what ” recorded on event

  • Collecting and submitting different types of special orders  (e.g. IHC, FISH, molecular examinations) on a single ordering form

  • Automatic work assignment and distribution to each special laboratory   

  • Touch-screen prepared gross processing module

  • Automated slide and sectioning job preorder at gross processing  stage with presets

  • Structured query module for customizable multi level database searching

  • Different types of final reports with customized lables, fields and print layouts

  • Complex final reporting module with optional use of ICD, SNOMED codes, financial and technical procedures, multiple signatures, special features and event logging

  • Communication between Track&Sign’s server and 3DHistech’s Case Center’s either via local or wide area (internet) network  

  • Arranging and sending  invitations for on-line digital slide consultation sessions in accordance with 3DHistech’s Case Center's consultation module.

  • Integrated  e-Mail-like internal messaging module between users and user groups

  • Built in voice recording module for creating case attached audio files

  • Built in web camera and scanner support for case attached macro images and documents with central file storeing

  • Fully customizable layouts for each and all printed forms (labels, reports etc.)

  • Incorporation of non Track&Sign related archive data with data search module

  • Handling of stand-alone RNA and DNA registers for molecular laboratory workflow management

  • Option for issuing stand-alone molecular examination reports

  • Data export to Microsoft Excel

  • Special user authentication with custom access levels

  • Customizeable grid layouts, fast-buttons and status indicators for each user

Hardware components recommended for the system

Server PC (Dell / Fujitsu). Type and configuration varies depending on customer’s demand *
Godex G330 label printer *
Datalogic QuickScan Lite QW2100 handheld 1D barcode scanner *
Skahura Tissue-Tek AutoWrite Cassette and Slide Printers
Primera / Signature Slide Printers
Primera / Signature Cassette Printers
3DHistech Pannoramic 250 Flash series digital scanners for slide digitalization

*These items are part of 3DHistech’s official offer

Minimum hardware requirements by workstation type

Minimum hardware requirement for the server:
Intel Pentium G3220 3.0GHz 2C/2T 3M
Ram: 2x 4GB SRLVUD 1600MHz (1x4SlotS),
HDD: 2x1 TB, RAID1
Power supply: 290W
Suggested operational system on server : Windows Server 2012 R2 Foundation Edition
Uninterrupted power Supply (UPS) is highly recommended

Minimum hardware requirements for each general access workstation
PC with operation system Windows 7 SP1 or newer
Monitor with screen resolution minimum: 1280× 720 (HD)
1D Barcode reader to each desktop

Minimum hardware requirements for each sample register workstation:
PC with operation system Windows 7 SP1 or newer
Monitor with screen resolution minimum: 1280× 720 (HD)
1D Barcode reader
300 dpi thermal-transfer label printer, printing width is 60 mm
FullHD resolution web camera (optional)

Minimum hardware requirements for each desktop at gross processing workstation:
PC with operation system Windows 7 SP1 or newer
Monitor 20” or wider with screen resolution minimum: 1920× 1080 (FHD), touch screen monitor suggested
1D Barcode reader
Macro station image recorder / web camera with FullHD resolution support (optional)
Cassette printer (optional)

Minimum hardware requirements for each cutting workstation:
PC with operation system Windows 7 SP1 or newer
Monitor with screen resolution minimum: 1280× 720 (HD)
1D Barcode reader or  2D Barcode reader (optional)
300 dpi thermal-transfer label printer, printing width is minimum 20 mm or slide printer (optional)

Network requirement :
10/100 Mb/s data transfer speed

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