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QuantCenter is the framework for 3DHISTECH image analysis applications

One of the main advantages of digital slides is that you can perform computer-assisted image analysis on the whole slide. A robust software algorithm always gives objective results, quickly and reliably. By providing a consistent standard, it helps the pathologists to diagnose in an easier way.

QuantCenter, the new generation image analysis application from 3DHISTECH is optimized for whole slide quantification. The linkable algorithm concept provides an easy-to-use and logical workflow. Link the quantification modules after each other to fine-tune or to speed up the analysis.

The available image analysis modules:

Other main features:

  • Gallery: organize the measured objects the way you like, change the classification, delete any detected objects, and locate the selected object on the digital slide

  • Multiple visualization options: apart from the Gallery, view the results in histogram, scatterplot, pie chart, etc. Gate your results for filtering and create new visualizations from them.

  • Batch processing: use previously defined measurement profiles for analysis of multiple digital slides in a batch

  • XLS export: save all the measurement data in Excel

  • Reporting: create your report with measurement data and images with a few clicks

QuantCenter also offers an integrated data visualization mode and a batch analysis mode. 


Tissue Classification

Colour- and pattern-based image analysis solutions are used to identify different tissue elements in stained tissue. Instead of the time-consuming manual annotation, automated detection and annotation of a region of interest is available with a quick training on relevant tissue samples.


IHC Quantification

A special IHC colour calibration option is integrated into these quantification modules, facilitating software integration to the local laboratory. By applying this function the software can be calibrated to the sample quality (local laboratory stain protocol, or different stainer), resulting in an adequate measurement.

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