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Microscope slides allow you to see one section of reality. Even with Z-stack or Extended focus, you are still constrained to that one section only. 3DHISTECH offers you a tool that can reconstruct the original tissue from its serial sections. Unlike MRI, the 3DView software lets you look into microscopic details while also showing you the tissue in its original form.


  • Software for reconstruction, visualization and analysis of three-dimensional histology data

  • Works with Pannoramic digital slides, and standard image formats (JPG, TIFF, etc.)

  • Automatic extraction of specimen contours

  • Automatic section alignment

  • 2D and 3D view combination

      - 2D: top, front and side view for volume navigation and clipping plane selection
      - 3D: direct volume rendering, transparency adjustment, stain separation

  • Distance and volume measurement in 3D

  • Export functions

Workflow Steps

1. Loading of serial sections
2. Automatic extraction of specimen contours
3. Automatic alignment of neighboring sections
4. Automatic local alignment optimization

3DView is developed in cooperation with microDimensions GmbH.

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