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Routine Path

Routine Pathology Workflow

Simplify those areas of pathology workflow where imaging, slide digitization, storage, archivation, visualization and analysis.
A section extracted during surgery can be digitized in a matter of minutes, then viewed and evaluated anywhere.
Recording, storing, viewing and analyzing macroscopic images is made possible by 3DHISTECH's hardware and software tools. 
Digital microscopy allows online teleconsultation and education, as well as more accurate measurements and evaluation.
With advanced viewing and navigation features, TumorBoard is designed to increase the efficiency of multidisciplinary reviews.

Solution for Research

Digital microscopy solutions are useful for pharmaceutical companies for archival and documentation purposes.
A section extracted during surgery can be digitized in a matter of minutes, then viewed and evaluated anywhere.
Mapping neuron connections in neuroscience is facilitated by high-resolution digital microscopy devices. 
Researching anatomy and histology can be greatly enhanced with the help of digital pathology hardware and software.
Testing embryonic tissues in developmental biology is facilitated by 3DHISTECH's digital slide scanner with double-width slide capability.
The tissue microarray (TMA) technique can be used as a valuable, high-throughput tool for diagnostic and research purposes.

Solution for Education

Virtual microscopy has created enormous opportunities in pathological training and education. Students are able to learn key histopathological skills, e.g. to identify areas of diagnostic relevance from an entire slide, via a web-based or server based computer environment . Students no longer need to be in the same room as the slides. One slide can be viewed by several students. Making marks and annotations for the specified areas in microscopical scale. Students can practice with digital slides. Digital slides offers the possibility of self-training, better than any other way we know.
Whole-slide imaging can significantly reduce the cost and increase the efficiency of histological education.
SlideCenter is a slide management framework for clinical pathology, designed with the pathologist in mind.
SlideViewer is a digital microscopy application designed for supporting histopathological diagnostic workflow.
The free Pannoramic Viewer for iPad is available on the Apple App Store.
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