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The Pannoramic scanner family is the most comprehensive product range in digital slide scanners. From affordable single slide to high-speed 1000-slide capacity, from high-quality brightfield to versatile brightfield and fluorescence scanning in the same machine, you can be sure you will find the system that best suits your needs.


3DHISTECH has won multiple awards at international Digital Slide Scanner Contest since year 2010. 

1st Place Winner - Quality Scan Mixed 40x
Won five out of nine awards - Best Image Quality in 40x category, Highest throughput in 20x and 40x categories, Image Analysis and Green IT categories.
Budapest, October 17, 2016 - 3DHISTECH is proud to announce that its Pannoramic Digital slide scanners have been awarded as 1st place winner at the International Scanner Contest 2016.

The Pannoramic Flash III won the Gold medal:
- High throughput at 20x
- High throughput at 40x
- Technical


The Pannoramic MIDI II won the Gold medal:
- Image quality at 20x
- Image quality at 40x

3DHISTECH Ltd. has won the 2019 Innovation Grand Prize for its PANNORAMIC product line for digital pathology diagnostics.  
3DHISTECH has won the GHP Life Sciences Award – Leading Pioneers in Digital Pathology 2020 & Best Pathology Management Software Solution: CaseManager.
3DHISTECH is proud to announce that it has been named as one of Top 10 In Vitro Diagnostic Providers in Europe 2020 by MD Tech Review.

3DHISTECH offers solutions to the full process - from the gross picture to the surgical report.

Thanks to its unprecedented capacity and unparraleled speed, Pannoramic 1000 offers automated, "walk away" slide scanning for a whole day's scanning needs.
Thanks to its award-winning scanning technology, Pannoramic 250 offers a versatile, high-quality and high-speed scanning solution to high-volume scanning tasks.
With its 150-slide capacity and brightfield and fluorescence scanning abilities, it can fulfil the needs of larger pathology laboratories.
An automatic digital slide scanner with a remarkable feature set with12-slide capacity, fluorescence scanning, and many more.
Pannoramic Desk II is an affordable slide scanner capable of scanning single and double width slides - a simple and easy-to-use tool for teleconsultation and frozen section scanning.
Affordable scanner solution for the small pathology laboratory. Can digitize 1 slide at once in brightfield.
Thanks to its innovative confocal imaging technology, Pannoramic Confocal offers brightfield and fluorescence confocal scanning in unprecedented quality.
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