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Your immunofluorescent samples will appear on your screen in unprecedented quality


  • Innovative structured illumination confocal imaging to overcome the limitations of spinning pinhole-disc techniques. This delivers the highest light efficiency with minimal bleaching and fast scanning speed.

  • Colocalized Fluorescent and Brightfield imaging

  • Automated immersion for high NA objectives

  • Darkfield preview

  • Motorized Objective changer

  • 1D and 2D barcode reading

  • DDIC (Digital Differential Interference Contrast) for low contrast brightfield visualization


Slide capacity

Acceptable slide formats

Default objectives

Camera type

Image resolution

(in focus plane)

Confocal sectioning

Fluorescent illumination

Default fluorescent filter


Brightfield illumination

Digital slide format

Instrument dimensions


: 12 slides

: 25 x 75 mm, 1 mm thickness

: Zeiss Apochromat 20x, 40x (magnification up to 76x)

: 5Mpx, 16 bit, low noise (1.3 e-)
  PCO edge cooled scientific CMOS camera

: 0.4 µm FWHM (with 40x 1.2NA objective)

: 1.43 µm FWHM (with 40x 1.2NA objective)

: 7 channels Solid state light engine, 15,000 hrs lifetime

: Quad band: DAPI/FITC/TRITC/Cy5, 

  Single band: Sp. Aqua, Sp. Gold, Sp. Red

: 3CCD equivalent separated R-G-B LED

: Proprietary digital slide format (MRXS) with lossless or JPG/JPG2000 encoding

: 95cm (W) x 57cm (D) x 100cm (H)

: 90 kg

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