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Staining - Coverslipping - Scanning unit: 3DHISTECH is the first company to combine 3 very important steps of the pathology workflow in one single device!

3DHISTECH introduces its revolutionary solution for integrated histo-pathology slide staining and digitalization (scanning) by a single platform. It does save valuable laboratory space and time and a top of that - thanks to its unique features - it goes significantly reduces reagent costs in order to keep laboratory operating expenses low. The patented automatic sample detection makes only the effective sample area get stained exatly the desirable level of reagent and thousand of serial staining become the identical intensity.


  • Single device integrating an immunostainer, a coverslipper and a scanner

  • The patented automatic sample detection makes only the effective sample area gets stained

  • Fully automated workflow from unstained tissue to the quantitative IHC evaluation on digital slide

  • First stained slides in CaseCenter can be available on-line right away: speedy evaluation

  • iSaCS scanning device can be used separatly as individual scanner

  • Image analysis process will be run automatically on the whole slide

  • Slide and protocol recognition based on bar code

  • Standardization of IHC/IF stainings

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