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Pannoramic DESK is an affordable slide-scanner for use in the field of research, education and clinical routine diagnosis. It is a simple and easy tool for fresh frozen slide analysis. It can be used as a high speed whole slide scanner or a live-view digital microscope. Every brightfield scanning function is available in the same quality as with Pannoramic SCAN or Pannoramic MIDI.


• Affordable, very high-quality scanner
• Single and double wide glass slide scan
• Compact design
• High Resolution



3DHISTECH is continuously developing and improving the performance of its Pannoramic products to be able to provide the fastest and largest scale whole slide scanners for the digital pathology market.


Latest features and improvements:
• New multichannel LED brightfield light source
• New 5 MP CMOS image recording components

• New X-Y-Z stage design capable of load double wide (DW) slides
• Upgraded computer resources



  • • Double wide or standard glass slide / fresh frozen tissue scan
    • Compact Design: (27 cm x 50 cm x 25.5 cm; 11 kg)
    • Multilayer Z-stack scan with extended focus
    • Versatile scan area selection or automated tissue area identification
    • High speed scan: high resolution and high speed at the same time
    • Multichannel LED light source
    • Extended focal range due to the new X-Y-Z stage
    • 5MP High Resolution CMOS Camera, high native resolution image 80x
    • Scan Quality Check
    • Scan Events Logging
    • Live Image Navigation (Live view digital microscopy)​

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