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P1000 Front View

P1000 Front View

Compatibility with any type of stainer slide cassette

Robust anti-vibration granite base and dual slide stage for maximum stability and image quality

Pannoramic 1000, the latest member of 3DHISTECH’s Pannoramic scanners family,  is a high-end, extra fast and super efficient slide digitalization system. Its unprecedented 1000-slide capacity, its unparalleled throughput at 100 slides per hour and its robust design offer a reliable solution for high-volume whole-slide imaging.


3DHISTECH is continuously developing and improving the performance of its Pannoramic products to remain as the fastest whole slide scanner available on the market.

Key Features:

-  Highest capacity

  • Largest capacity whole slide scanner on the market: 1000 slides

  • Fully automatic loading and scanning


-  Shortest scanning time

  • Fastest whole slide scanner on the market: 100 slides per hour

  • 2000 slides per day (40x resolution, 15 x 15 mm, 0.25 μm/pixel, single layer)


-  Innovative hardware design

  • Antivibration granite base for maximum stability and image quality

  • Dual slide stage

  • Easy-maintenance robotized loading


-  Most efficient slide logistics

  • Double width slide (mega slide) support

  • Mixed (single and double width) batch scanning

  • Emergency magazine handling

  • Magazine panels supporting slide magazines from a range of stainer devices (up to 5 per device) – default magazine is Sakura

  • Rapid loading

  • Flexible slide processing, scanning in arbitrary order

  • Parallel operation: slide loading and preview in parallel with scanning

  • Batch preview function

  • Temporary scanning profile option


-  High-resolution imaging

  • Two separate objectives exchangeable automatically during scanning

  • Water immersion (optional – coming soon)

  • Oil immersion (optional – coming soon)

  • Multilayer (Z-stack) scanning (optional)

  • Extended Focus scanning (optional)

  • Multiple scanning profiles, auto selection

  • 1D and 2D barcode reading and parsing

  • Multiple image compression

  • Multiple color profile and schemes

  • Multiple image compensation

  • Automated tissue detection and automated coverslip detection



-  Advanced operational information management with scanning history file



-  New, flexible, touch-ready, easy-to-use software user interface


-  Integrated slide server with optional storage


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