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Lymphoma Network Meeting 2021

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Digital Slide Seminar:

Case 1:

A37/21, Trephine biopsy

A41/21 ; Left Posterior LN Biopsy

Case 2:

A83/19, Trephine biopsy

AP478/2020, Trephine biopsy

AP49/2021, Trephine biopsy

Case 3:

SP-2021-4385, Skin nodule


SP-2020-12509A, Left axillary LN, wedge biopsy

SP-2020-12509B, Lower extremity, skin lesion at left leg, wedge biopsy

AP750/2020, Trephine biopsy

Case 4:

AP232/13, Trephine biopsy

Case 5:

H-19-10391, Right Inguinal Lymph Node

Case 6:

SP-15-13250A, Left breast mass

SP-15-13250B, Left axillary LN

AP307/2020, Trephine biopsy

Case 7:

AP224/2020, Trephine biopsy

Case 8:

SP-2020-4474, Right chest wall biopsy

SP-2020-6022, Right chest wall biopsy

4843/17, Lymph Node Biopsy

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