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Digital Slide Seminar 5: Day 2 (11.00 - 11.45)

​​​Lupus nephritis - Prof Datuk Dr. Looi Lai Ming

Case 1:

32-year-old Chinese lady.  Acute nephrotic syndrome (facial puffiness, generalized oedema) for 1 week.  No stigmata of connective tissue disease.  Denies drug ingestion.  24 hr urine protein 3.7 g.  Acute urinary sediments.    ?IgAN, ? Membranous, ? FSGS.




Case 2:

25-year-old Chinese lady.  Mucocutaneous lesions, arthritis, low TWC, low platelets,  ANF+, anti dsDNA+,  Persistent proteinuria and haematuria.  Alb 34, Cr 57, Hb 10.6.   Lupus nephritis, Class?




Case 3:

21-year-old Chinese lady.  ANA+, dsDNA+.   Lupus nephritis?




Case 4:

17-year-old Chinese girl.  Clinically SLE.   ANA+.  Hep B & C negative.  Serum Alb 14.




Case 5:

29-year-old Malay lady.    Diarrhoea, vomiting, epigastric pain for 2 weeks.   Raised BP.  Cr 1117,  Hb 8.0. ANA+.  UFEME:  Protein 4+, RBC 5+,




Case 6:

37-year-old Chinese lady.  ANA+, dsDNA 211u/mL.  Proteinuria 0.5 g/24H.  Initially no active urinary sediments but on follow up has 1 episode of hematuria.  BP 148/78.  Renal function normal.  Cr 52.  On prednisolone 40 mg daily, now tapering. ? LN Class i/II.



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