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Digital Slide Seminar 1: Day 1 (11.45 - 12.15)


Nephrotic syndrome - Dr. Norra Harun

Case 1 History: P2042/18 (HTAA)

63-year-old Malay man

Known case of DM  and hypertension

FSGS was  diagnosed  in Feb 2015, biopsy done

On T.Prednisolone 30 mg daily and T.cyclosporin 50 mg bd since  2015

UFEME  : Prot 3+   RBC 250

Urea ;11.6   creat : 143

Relapsed in Feb 2018, renal biopsy  was done for reassessment

IF: No fresh  tissue was  sent




Case 2 History : P10979/16 (HRPZII)

23-year-old malay lady with underlying SLE with lupus  nephritis class III in 2015

T.prednisolone 5 mg daily

Having  relapse in Sept 2017 > T.prednisolone 60 mg daily

Repeat biopsy for reassessment of class.

IF: Full house positivity, capillary and mesangium




Case 3 History: P0851/18 (HRPZII)

14-year-old Malay girl

c/o: facial  puffiness and bilateral leg  swelling for 2 weeks

24hr urine  protein: 3.6 g  Renal  profile: Normal

ANA: negative

IF: negative




Case 4 History: P9809/16(HTAA)

30-year-old Malay man

Clinically  nephrotic  syndrome

IF: No glomerulus    IP: background  staining




Case 5 History: R4649-17 (HKL)

23-year-old Malay lady, severe proteinurai with  Serum  albumin 9 g/L,

creatinine  raised  to 256 mmol/L

IMF : IgG,IgA,IgM,C3,C1q  are negative. Ig M(1+) at mesangium




Case 6 History: H17827-17 (HSA)

17-year-old Iban. Nephrotic syndrome, Hep C, AKI. Bilateral lower limb swelling. 24hr urine protein 1.2g/24hr (Sept 2017). ANA –ve, ASOT –ve, Hep B –ve, HIV –ve. Imp – TRO MPGN.







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