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Digital Slide Seminar: Day 2 - Mediastinal Pathology


Dr. Issam Al Jajeh

Case 1: 

65 years old female, an ex-smoker with underlying hypertension and dyslipidemia.

Presented with Anterior Mediastinal mass. CT-thorax (8/11/2016) : Left sided anterior mediastinal mass (7.5cm x 6.7cm x 6.9cm) with right supraclavicular nodal enlargement and multiple subcentimeter nodes.




Case 2: 

63 years old female with underlying hypertension, presented with hemoptysis.

Presented with Anterior chest wall mass.

CT-TA : Mediastinal mass adhering to rib.

Biopsy done under CTS (19/7/2017): Normal musculoskeletal tissue.




Case 3: 

63 years old gentleman, a smoker, presented with cough and shortness of breath for 1 month.

CECT thorax: mediastinal mass compressing pulmonary vein, SVC.

Bronchoscopy: Presence of intraluminal mass.




Case 4: 

AA,26 years old female, presented with fever, shortness of breath upon exertion and non-productive cough 3/12. Sputum AFB negative x3. CXR- large posterior mediastinal mass with pericardial effusion. CECT thorax- huge heterogenous minimally enhancing mediastinal mass. Bilateral pleural effusion, worse on left side with adjacent consolidative changes on the right side. Impression anterior mediastinal mass highly suspicious of lymphoma.




Case 5: 

NSP, 65 years old male, Anterior mediastinal mass, global pericardial effusion with right ventricle compression. Underwent anterior mediastinal mass and left thoracotomy.







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