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Day 1 (Perinatal)

Case 1:

Clinical history: 36 years old, Para 2+1 with essential hypertension presented with intrauterine death and abruptio placenta at 25 weeks  



Case 2:

Clinical history: 27 years old, Para 1 with spontaneous vaginal delivery at 39 weeks, with prolonged rupture of membrane (> 18 hours) with pyrexia.


Case 3:

Clinical history: 36 years old, Para 4 delivered at 33 weeks gestation. She has severe pre-eclampsia and intrauterine growth restriction.


Case 4:

Clinical history: 27 years old lady, Para1 with antenatal history of anhydramnios. She delivered a stillbirth baby at 34 weeks.

Case 5:

Clinical history: 35 years old, Para 5 delivered a baby at 33 weeks with intrauterine death and polyhydramnios.

Case 6:

Clinical history: 31 years old, Para 1 with hydrops fetalis at 32 weeks gestation. TORCHES screen negative.

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