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Slide Seminar: Day 2 (11.45 - 12.00)

Dr Rosna Yunus

Case 1:

50 years old Sarawakian Lady, para. Presented with acute urinary retention associated with recurrent urinary tract infection and CBD dependant.

Cystoscopic examination revealed papillary lesion on urethral mucosa with mass extending into bladder neck.

Transvaginal biopsy (specimen A) and bladder neck tumour resection (specimen B) were performed.



Case 2:

40 years old Chinese lady, presented with left kidney mass. Received a  Nephrectomy specimen. The kidney is almost entirely replace by tumour showing heterogenous solid cystic cut surface. One section from the tumour (H&E slide) and IHC slides (HMB45 & PAX8)

       the lowest piece of tissue is positive control

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