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Day 2 (08.00 - 09.30pm)


Dr. Suhaila Abdullah

A practical guide to urinary bladder cancer pathology

Case 1:

53 years old, male, smoker, TURBT done Jan 2019 extensive bladder cancer, reTURBTMarch 2019 recurrance, appear muscle invasive



Case 2:

65 years old, female, diagnose bladder cancer in early Nov 2018, HPE as non-invasive papillary urothelial carcinoma, CT-TAP 28/11/2018 : noted bladder mass at bilateral VUJ.Relook TURBT done in March.


Case 3:

54 years old, male, known case bladder cancer non muscle invasive, was given chemotherapy but recurrence. Intraoperation, urethra normal, carpet lesion at left lateral wall.


Case 4:

67 years old, male, hematuria for 1/7 associated with suprapubic pain. MRI done in private, tumour at bladder (posterior wall).

Case 5:

40 years old, periurethral mass

Case 6:

60 years old, muscle invasive tumour

Case 7:

48 years old, male, underlying bladder tumour T1G3 (2015) followed by mitomycin. Noted multiple nodular aggregation at bladder trigone.

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