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Slide Digitization by:

Dr Khairul Anuar Bin Zainun

Teaching Cases: 



Case 1: P181/18 – Thymus, Lung & Superior Sagittal Sinus (3 slides)


1-year-old boy.

Found dead during sleep at nursery.  Admitted to hospital with suspicion of non-accidental injury. Died one week after admission.




Case 2: P132/18 – Umbilical cord & Placenta (2 slides)


Primigravida at 34 weeks of gestation.  Involved in motor vehicle accident. 

Died at Emergency Department with intrauterine fetal demise.




Case 3: Lung 


Mature newborn.  Found abandoned with no sign of life over pavement of a shophouse.




Case 4: HTJS 142/18 – Umbilical cord & Placenta (2 slides)


Stillbirth of mature gestation.  Maternal history of premature rupture of membrane. 



Case 5: P289/17 – Subgaleal of scalp


1-year-old girl.  Admitted to hospital with suspicion of physical abuse.  CT scan detected fractured skull and massive subdural haemorrhage.




Case 6: P11/18 KKB – Lung


Mature newborn delivered at home.  Died at 12 hours of life.  Infected looking umbilical cord stump detected at autopsy.  Slides come from the following rows with details below:




Case76: HSA A33/18 – Lymph node, Lung, CD45 of lung, CD68 of lung (4 slides)


5-month-old boy.  Few days history of coryza and intermittent fever.  Collapsed and became unconscious at home. Brought in dead to nearest hospital.









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