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Dr Suraiti Mohd. Yusuff

Case 1: FS/20/58 & ER/20/3323

  • 1 year 9 months, boy

  • C/O Seizure and drop attack since 11 months old, not controlled even with 3 antiepileptic drugs.

  • Examination: Active. Motor examination normal

  • CT brain: ill defined lesion involving cortex/subcortical white matter at right anterior frontal lobe measuring 3.7x4.4x4.5 cm. Intralesional cystic lesion noted at inferior aspect of lesion.

  • Differential diagnosis: Oligodendroglioma and DNET

  • Intraop findings — superficial cortical surface appears normal. Tumour at right inferior frontal gyrus, soft and greyish in appearance

Case 2: FS/20/35 & ER/20/1695

  • 6 years old, man girl with headache

  • Intraop, well circumscribe lesion, soft to firm

Case 3: FS/20/47 & ER/20/2673

  • 2 years old girl

  • Presented with unsteady gait with clumsiness, initially involving left upper limb then progress to left lower limb.

  • MRI: Right thalamic tumour, well defined, lobulated intra axial mass measuring 5.5x4.6x4.3 cm

  • Differential diagnosis: Atypical teratoid/rhabdoid tumour or embryonal tumour

Case 4: ER/21/2739

  • 5 years old boy, Presented with seizure

  • MRI brain: Posterior haemorrhage mass with supratentorial extension causing mass effect.

  • Size: 3.1x3.7x.3.8 cm

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