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Digital Slide Seminar

Henry D. Tazelaar, M.D.

Geraldine Colby Zeiler Professor of Cytopathology


SYMP4C OD1: “Diffuse parenchymal lung disease case studies”

Case 1:

  • 34-year-old woman referred for the presence bilateral of pulmonary nodules

  • ITP diagnosed at 8 yrs of age

  • Splenectomy 1 yr PTA-reactive lymphoid hyperplasia and non-necrotizing granulomas

  • Bronchoscopy x6!, all negative

  • Fungal serology negative

Case 2:

  • 56-year-old woman with cough was found to have upper lobe pulmonary infiltrates

Case 3:

  • 35-year-old male smoker presented with upper lobe nodules on a screening radiograph. CT confirmed this and also identified some cystic changes

Case 4:

  • 61 yo M in previous good health with 6 mo of fatigue, progressive SOB, and lower extremety edema and pain

  • Reported a 15 lb weight gain in 3 months

  • Diminished breath sounds at bases

  • Developed acute respiratory failure

  • Lung biopsy

  • Developed acute respiratory failure – intubation

  • Exploratory right thoracotomy 

       - Right upper lobe biopsy

       - Pericardial window and biopsy

  • Case 4 - Digital Slide

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