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Sdn Bhd

Digital Slide Seminar 1:

Case 1:

​22 wk hydropic fetus. Massive effusions.

Case 2:

8yo. Fever & fit.  Persistent tachycardic and collapsed.

Case 3:

16 mths. Male twin, bruise on forehead.  Cerebellar bleed.

Case 4:

6 mth.  Male.  Found unresponsive.

Case 5:

2.5 yo.  Male. Exudate on brain surface.  Thymus not identified.

Case 6:

D2 of life.  Gasping.

Case 7:

Born at 34 wk. Succumbed D3 of life.  Bilateral enlarged kidneys.

Case 8:

2 mths.  Male.  Similar lesion in lungs.

Case 9:

3 mths.  Fever.  Seizure.  Subdural haematoma.

Case 10:

10 yr. Female. Obese. Sepsis.