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Case 1: 

80-year-old male, ex-smoker 80 pack years.

Presented with chronic cough associated with loss of appetite and loss of weight.




Case 2:

41-year-old female, left lower lobe cryobiopsy.




Case 4:

65-year-old female, passive smoker.

Presented with cough and blood-stained sputum.

Bronchoscopy showed endobronchial mass at right bronchus.




Case 6:

68-year-old man, left upper lobe tumour.




Case 7:

39-year-old female, presented with cough, hemoptysis, LOA and LOW.

Bronchoscopy noted irregular mass with total occlusion.




Case 8:

63-year-old male, smoker.

Incidental finding of mediastinal mass and lung nodule on CT-thorax.

Right lung upper lobe biopsy performed.




Case 10:

61-year-old female, right lower lobe lung biopsy.




Digital Slide Seminar: 


Pathology Slide Seminar

Dr. Noriah Othman, Consultant Histopathologist, Hospital Serdang


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